#Decade BlogHop #RRxMM ऐ दशक तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

ऐ दशक तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

Starting with my heartiest Thanks to MANAS and RASHI for bringing this fabulous unique BlogHop Themed “DECADES” for us.

I used to write a piece of thought, quite some time, from my school days, anything which I felt to express used to pen it, this habit of writing inherited in me from my dad, who used to maintain his diary on daily basis.

Writing about my decade journey was like moving the mountain in the way Salman Khan did in Tubelight Movie, which only I feel its moving but in actual it wasn’t. Hehehe!!! but somehow accepted the challenge braverly. The day, Manas and Rashi have announced about BlogHop, max of the time I found myself, wearing a coat and cap of Director/writer, in the feel of, making my own movie named DECADE, jotted down on few topics, (like why to worry, I will definitely succeed in searching the best topic to write on), what next, just relax mode on; And the entry of myth-buster took place, as 21st Jan 2020 morning hit, I was like ohh !!! How perfectly I prepared my script by burning the midnight oil, Gosh!!!! The movie (topic what I was thinking of) has already released and undoubtedly, in the best way from so many outstanding blogger buddies, and wait!! here the final show starts, my so-called jot down list getting shorter and shorter till it reached zero !!!!!!

So finally decided to share my decade journey and it’s highs and lows in few lines of my poem. , nothing is new, nothing more achieved as I still feel like a newcomer and every single day brings one more opportunity for me to learn something new. I had never been so ambitious about my career/life but yes, I always dreamt of spreading my wings in an open sky and fly high with whatever I had in my hands few or more. I lived my decade wholeheartedly, with the mix flavors of all colors of life, happiness, sadness, frustration, good/bad surprises, mistakes, and so on……..

So concluding my decade story’s cherishable moments in the form of poetry and that’s too in Hindi…

कुछ खोया है कुछ पाया है , ज़िन्दगी के बेमिसाल सालों को मैंने खुशनुमा यादों में पिरोया हैं
लम्हो ने कभी कुंठाग्रस्त किया ,कभी संयम को हथियार बना
ऐ दशक, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

काशी की नगरी से उठकर ,विक्टोरिया के गलियारों तक ,दगडू सेठ से बाजीराव शनिवार वाड़ा तक सब एक किया
सुन, ऐ दशक, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

शहर बदला दुनिया बदली ,सुन्दर जीवन की शुरुआत हुई ,ये उन् दिनों की बात हैं जब ख्वाबों ने पाँव पसारा है
ऐ दशक, तू सुन रहा है ना, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया है

अल्हड़ सी थी मैं जोश जेहन में लेकर चली ,कौतुहल की गगरी लिए एक आशियां नया बसाया हैं
ऐ दशक, मैंने कहा ,तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया हैं

क्रिकेट की दुनिया में जब धोनी का सिक्का चलता था जहाँ उसकी शादी पर ना जाने कितनों का दिल भी टूटा था
हर गली मोहल्ले में खुशियों का बिगुल बजा जब वर्ल्ड कप घर आया ऐ दशक, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

समय बहुत था ,रास्ता नया था अधूरे सपनों को फिरसे आँखों में बसाया है
रब दी सौ ,ऐ दशक, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया हैं

साल पर साल बढ़ते हुए , Full Time तो नहीं पर Guest Faculty बनकर काम का शुभारम्भ किया
मेरे शिक्षा का संसार भी अपनी गति से चल पड़ा ऐ दशक, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

हर पल कुछ सिखने का खुद से किया एक वादा था
डांस,हो या करियर उस दौर में सबका आगाज़ हुआ
ऐ दशक,सच में ,तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

वक़्त के उस मोड़ पर एक दोस्त प्यारा छोड़ गया ,मेरे जन्मदिन के कुछ लम्हों से पहले वो इस दुनिया से उस दुनिया में विलीन हुआ
ऐ दशक, इस बार तूने रूला दिया ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।

ये समय है जनाब हंसने रोने का इस पर ना कभी असर होगा,लो ले आया पैगाम एक नए महाद्वीप की ओर रुख करने का
ऐ दशक, तूने दिल भारी कर दिया।

एक और है सर्दी आयी,पर समय का पहरा उल्टा है रात और दिन ने हेरा फेरी करके अपनी जगह से खेला है
एक बार फिरसे, ऐ दशक, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया है

खट्टी मीठी यादों से एक दशक ख़तम होने को आया
कुछ प्रियजनों से छूटा एक बार फिरसे साथ,कुछ साथ नया हिस्से में आया
फिर भी, ऐ दशक, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

This was all about my journey from 2010 -2020. And the journey goes on……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have A Happy Decade Ahead!!!!!!!!

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Image Source:: Google
Sitting in the balcony with a hot cup of coffee, watching the falling drop of rain, Nia was lost in some deep thoughts, the reason a message in her inbox took her to the memories galore of past, where she hardly wanted to go. It’s been 10 years she has not seen or even thought of Rahul, her love, with whom once she wanted to spend all her life.
Nia and Rahul were pursuing their Engineering, where they first met and fell for each other. Nia still often asks herself was that really love? Or just an infatuation? or just a time pass? Or just one-sided love?

They used to enjoy each other’s company, helped each other in every way like combine studies,project assignments, event management also they made so many promises, somewhere determined to fulfill also. At the end of the college, Rahul got placement in a highly reputed company with handsome salary Nia was also very proud of him sooner Nia also got a lucrative job offer which she desperately wanted to join but Rahul was not happy as the company was not equally renowned as of his. Nia was well aware of her own house condition she wanted to lend her hands to help her family with this job, No!! No!. Nia’s family condition was good enough, but the situation turned differently the day Nia’s father was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and all the doctors almost gave up on him, she had her mother and younger sister, who was just in grade 7 that time. Nia’s parent tried their best in raising their daughters well and provided them all the luxuries, they wished for. However, her father’s treatment, medical expenses hit badly their financial planning. Those were the days when Nia was known for fashionista, but now she hardly goes for shopping, her mother was a symbol of soft beauty with brain, a well-educated lady, husband’s illness faded away the colors of her beauty, in spite of all bads she never forget to make sure that her daughters day should start with a pretty smile, ensuring that her husband pills chart is well updated. She was well aware of the reality, but some time feels vulnerable but as a woman she never allowed her weakness to come on her face, yes, that is also true, side by side she prepares Nia and her sister for that unfortunate day which might come sooner or later where they probably have to live without their dad. In all these hustle and bustle from home to hospital, from hospital to walk-in interviews, and again to home Nia was trying her best to give equal time and priority to Rahul also, she wanted to share her inner battle of thoughts to him but he hardly listens or rarely able to understand from what Nia was going through. Months and months passed by Rahul become a complete corporate man with the whole corporate attitude and behavior , Nia was losing the position on Rahul’s priority list. Finally, the fateful day arrived and Nia’s father left the world for forever emptiness in their life.

Going through all these turmoil and trials Nia realized that Rahul never came to see her dad or to console her, Nia’s eyes were still waiting for Rahul and her ears were eager to listen to Rahul’s consoling words, and his shoulder to lean on. After a week of her Dad’s death, she got a call from one of her old college friends asking, “Why she didn’t come for the function”? Nia said,” function”? “What function”? Her friend said, “I mean marriage function”. Nia said, “whose marriage”? Her friend replied. Of course, I am talking about Rahul’s marriage”. This line still haunts Nia, she shattered from inside, broken all over the hearts she wanted to cry but she can’t as her family was still recovering from father’s loss, she wanted to share her pain, especially with her mother, with whom she always share a beautiful bond of friendship, but she can’t, because her mom was already in a grief, she needed a friend to share but again she can’t, as most of her friends settled down away from the city and somewhere because of Rahul, she detached herself from all the friends, she was in deep pain with choked throat, with broken heart into many pieces, fighting with countless storm inside, however, she choose to keep mum.

After a month gone by Nia’s mother asked her that you have a very good friend Rahul na? he didn’t come any day? Does he know about your dad’s demise? Asking this, Nia started crying badly and put her all heart open in front of her mom, all the storms she was fighting all alone, she vents out everything.
Mom was shocked then also, wiped her daughter’s tear and stood by her strength, she asked for some promises to her girl,” my girl promise me you will never ever cry for a guy, who never accept you, the way you are,  relationships are to make us happier and stronger not vulnerable, never compromise on your self-respect, leave the place, right the moment you feel disrespectful, put your energy in fighting back, don’t you dare to forget what your dad taught you!!! invest your emotion towards the person, who can feel your pain without uttering a word, if someone not, it means they are not worthy enough to deserve you my bachcha(my child)”. That day Nia met a new woman in her mom, much stronger one.  
 Nia cried all that night by pressing her mouth against the pillow, the next morning brought a new stronger version of Nia who decided to become the strongest pillar for her mother and sister. She collected all her courage by understanding the call of the time, need of her family she went back to the zone of the job hunt with the strong thoughts in mind to bring back her family on track, who was indebted with a huge amount of loan needed for her father’s treatment.

Nia applied for jobs, went through various job interviews, cracked some and finally, she got the job in PSUs. Time changed it’s been 10 years without a dad, today Nia is well settled in her job, she decided not to marry until her younger sis completes her studies and get good campus placement. While returning from office in her car Nia got a message in her inbox from unknown no. clicking on it she read,” I am so sorry for what I did to you, at the moment when you were in extreme need of my support, I choose to be settled my career first with or without you. In the blind race of becoming successful, I kept doing blunders by taking wrong decisions, my marriage was one of the decisions among those, but it’s all broken now, I apologize for all my deeds, all pains I have given to you, can we meet once”? ………But a self-esteemed woman inside Nia, didn’t allow her to revert back the message, just echoed…


Don’t underestimate the power of true womanhood, women have the quality to double the things in counts whatever you give to her, she will return back it in double, whether it is LOVE , RESPECT, HATE, iGNORANCE, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, CARE, etc.

Concluding my post with my favorite song for this day as I never found any song better than this to describe the WOMANHOOD in best way!!

“Komal Hai Kamjor Nahi Tu, Shakti Ka Naam Hi Nari Hai

Sabko Jeevan Dene Wali Maut Bhi Tujhse Haari Hai”

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#BollyExpress BLOGHOP 2019


Starting with the heartiest thanks to Alpana and Pragun two lovely hosts of #BollyExpress Blog hop, for coming up with a great idea of Bollywood Theme and giving us an opportunity to pen down our thoughts in our own style, what else can someone wished for being a lover of songs to end up her year with writing last blog of 2019 with the iconic Bollywood melodious songs.

Initially, I thought to pick any one song or pic to write something but later, felt like some more songs out there in the list were calling me continuously “come take me too, take me too” so eventually ended up on bringing 3 songs together and trust me it made my job bit easier and interesting in weaving my story.

Life is the name of KEEP MOVING, just like every year 2019 has also come to end. We are fully geared up to welcome 2020 with open arms. Nothing is permanent neither good nor bad just like my ” CHILDHOOD RESOLUTION OF EVERY YEAR” oops! Kidding Kidding Kidding !!!……. but above all what matters how strongly we stand against all odds.

Let’s start the ride, by taking you all down the memory lane of those days when watching Television altogether with family members was the trend.

Aanewala Pal Jane Wala Hai

December month used to be the busiest month, besides, become free from the six-monthly exams, you might be thinking of whyyyy still busy ….of course in buying new year greeting cards and posting them to the right address and yes can’t forget to mention, in the long wait of POSTMAN Chacha , who carried lots of colorful HAPPY NEW YEAR greeting cards from different cities of relatives, counting them and thinking of how to turn beautiful cards into decorative items for our drawing room area was also been one of the very important job among all. Making the list of our never completed resolutions also runs in mind side by side like me and my sis favorite resolution line “Ab Hum Nahi Ladenge” Mummy(from next room): “Jo Ek Din Nibh Jaye Vachan To Bajrang Bali ko prasad Chadau Mei” must confess many new year celebrations comes and go but this childhood celebration memories never miss the chance to bring a smile on my face. Ahhh! missing those days badly. Excitement level used to be at the top-notch as soon new year celebration approaches, finally on 31st Dec night comes,sitting in front of TV altogether in the blanket with the hot cup of coffee ,bowl of green peas pohe ( UP style chuda matar), and gajar ka halwa, with full zest and zeal mood of like “Aanewala pal jane wala hai, ho sake to isme zindagi bita do pal jo ye jane wala hai”.

Aanewale Saal Ko Salaam , Jane Wale Saal Ko Salaam.

Enjoying and watching several performances of actors and actresses of those days, we engrossed this much, without even realizing when the clock needles hit each other, the bell rang and here another fresh year has finally arrived, a big shout out for a New Year with the song “Aanewale Saal ko salaam jane wale saal ko salaam HAPPYYYYYY NEWWWW YEARRRR! ” followed by Papa’s voice hmmm …..”volume low, learn to behave, you can’t take off from the duty of being a good neighbor, doesn’t look nice after all odd hours has started”. WE: “Papa who sleeps on this day in this hour” Papa: SO WHAT!” Go to sleep now else you will wake up late in the morning” time to say 2nd never fullfilled resolution line WE: “Papa bas aaj late night jag rahe hai kal se time pr soyenge and morning m jaldi uthenge afterall hame study bhi to karna hai “ Ahemmm Ahemmmm! and quickly, in no time a sigh of realisation that no matter which day, which year it is “hamare din aur saal ki shuruat achchi tab hi hoti thi jab hum daant ki dose le lete the”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUMMY AND WE 3 MISS YOU A LOT PAPA….

Har Ghadi Badal Rahi Hai Roop Zindagi

My favorite song Har Ghadi Badal Rahi Hai Roop Zindagi gives me real feel of Reality Check….isn’t it? “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER” , phrase doesn’t work every time, Life is the name of CHANGE, be always ready for it, many New Years celebrations will also come and go, ways of celebrating it, ways of wishing new year will also change time to time, it has already taken a shift of 360 deg, from greeting cards to telephone then from WhatsApp text to eventually Whatsapp group text, we become bound to leave behind our habits of keeping greeting cards safely throughout the year now as soon as celebration time ends, we put all our efforts in cleaning phone gallery, yeah! that’s too a very important task. can’t ignore this, see how we change, I know! we didn’t demand this change but we prepared ourselves for this in the belief of betterment of our own lifestyle, can’t agree more on this, that surely change makes us feel good.

In a similar way, standing at the door of the NEW Year, I wish you all A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR, at the same time request you all to leave behind all those confused feelings which resist you, at any of the point, to remain positive, leave behind your grudges if any doubt about your friendship or relationship clear it now, because you never know ki “KAL HO NA HO”, if you feel like to give one more chance to any loved one, try to sort it out sooner or if you feel like there is nothing remain to rejoin or continue with, then please please please don’t move with any useless hopes/ efforts/relations, etc. in new year, best to let the things go at positive note and don’t look back ever and stick with your resolution 🙂 of Obviously unlike my childhood resolution !!!!!!

See you guys next year in 2020. Till then Make Memories, Cherish Moments, be happy, Be Kind, Be Humble, and more important be Honest to yourself….

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PROMPTS: Aanewala Pal Janewala Hai

Aanewale Saal ko Salaam

Har Ghadi Badal Rahi Hai Roop Zindagi


A Treasure To Gift Among CHILDREN

In the era of huge cut-throat competition amidst of express speed of life, with the rushing hours, somewhere and somehow, unfortunately, we as a parent intentionally or unintentionally involved our kids into this meaningless marathon, everyone wants all-rounder kid, because being “HAPPY IN LESS” is not into the trend, some literally living and enjoying their life with this strong belief, and trying their best to put the weight of their fulfilled/broken dreams on the small innocent shoulder of their kiddos, it is not the kind of kids, it’ is their parent who doesn’t want to accept that YES, it really doesn’t matter much, if my son/daughter doesn’t show interest in particular field that they want them to perform at par, but yes, doing exceptionally well somewhere else. Maybe, some of you get me wrong, but this is the hidden prevailing fact, at some point we accept, some don’t have the courage to accept, and rest don’t realize that they actually into this useless race.

Many parents I can see spending their life in counting their own win only , where they won to force their child to participate in contest and kid also performed well, without giving least consideration on their kid’s forte, but someone around is performing in that field, we have no choice but to let our children to get into it anyhow.

I consider some of the major attributes if we as a parent can effort to put in the mind and soul of our kiddos, it will come as a great treasure for them in achieving long term goals, but then again I will say before inducing it in our children we have to make ourselves understand very clearly to focus on long term winning not short term achievements.

1.) BE YOU -:

Dear Parents let your children be the best version of themselves, we as a parent has to understand at the beginning that compelling child for the things-to-do, is actually a one-sided game with them which leads the little innocent mind towards loss of confidence, they won’t be able to recognize ever their interest and area of perfection.

2). Win your Inner Battle-:

As a parent let gift our child the strength and power to win with their inner enemies of fears like unnecessary competition, jealous, insecurities, fear of defeat. an all if parent conquers this battle I am sure they would definitely like to transfer this treasure to their child to be a winner forever.

3). Be A Learner -:

Learning is a continuous process. Let your child tell to never put STOP sign on learning. This is the only way they can shine brighter and brighter without any extra effort.

4). Sharing Is Caring-:

We are completely aware of this major problem among kids that too in terms of materialistic things only but in parents it lies in on non materialistic things also, ok let’s unfold the riddle, as a parent in the race of competition we are losing our responsibility of sharing knowledge, somewhere back of mind having thoughts if not my child why to share with others this info. better to block the flow of sharing. save our child with narrow mindedness is our prime responsibility.

The way children grow as a parent we also grows both go hand in hand with holding bitter and sweet experiences and learning, by facing ups and downs, only the thing we can make sure we both parent and children come out as more stronger with a more clearer vision in recognizing the values of our kiddos’s precious childhood. tween age, teenage and enjoy their each and every moment to the fullest.

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#MyFriendAlexa Post 8- Thank You Alexa


My first #my friend Alexa’s journey finally comes to an end. With the strong belief of thoughts that Every ending is a new start of some other phase, I am saying goodbye to Alexa, you will be missed badly, Alexa. You made me learn so many things which as a newbie in a blogger world I must bring into the practice, for the betterment of my blog.


  1. I promise you Alexa I will meet you again with the same frequency of reading, you are leaving me.
  2. I am going to stick with the practice of writing, if not 8 in every month, then at least with 6 posts per month, I will be there with some interesting topics. Fingers Crossed!!!
  3. Alexa, you introduced me with the wideness of the blogging world , I am going to preserve this wideness until we meet again .
  4. Alexa you have given me a big lot of some awesome,talented blogger friends , I promise you I will keep increasing the size of these talents.


I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa.

#My Friend Alexa Post 7- Food items during Navratri


With the continuation of the Navratri celebration, this time I came up with some delicious mouth-watering foods, which holds the guarantee of lifting your celebration mode up. Navratri is the season of fasting. Some observe fast on only 1st and the 8th day of Navratri, whereas, some observe for the whole 9 days. During fast we are all well aware of strict prohibition of onion and garlic, due to which one has left with very few options of food. A food that, has a perfect combination of taste and nutrition. So, here presenting some of the food items and their quick recipes I prefer during fasting.


Image Source Google


*Sabudana (100 gm soaked for 2-3 hours)

*Potato (1 Boiled)

*Tomato (small 1)

*Green chili


*Peanut (roasted and some grounded)

*Cumin Seeds (optional)

*Himalayan Rock Salt ( Sendha Namak)


*Sunflower oil/Peanut oil/Desi ghee (whichever prefers )


  1. Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a pan, put some jeera and green chili let it be crackle.
  2. On the other side roast peanut and grind half of the peanut, keep aside.
  3. Cut a boiled potato into pieces and add in the pan for fry
  4. Add chopped tomato
  5. Add soaked and strained sabudana, keep stirring for a while
  6. Add Himalayan salt
  7. Add Grounded peanut powder
  8. Squeeze lemon on it.
  9. Garnish it with green fresh cilantro, roasted peanut and serve.

NOTE -: With sabudana, we can make so many items, with the same ingredients…for eg. sabudana peth,sabudana appam, sabudana uttapam, etc.



1.Singhara atta (from any Indian grocery store)

2. Water

3.Green chili


5.Boiled potato

6.Himalayan Salt

7.tomato (optional)

8.Oil for fry

Mix all ingredients altogether make a bhajji consistent mix, put the oil into the pan heat it, when feeling like oil got heat enough to fry .make small pagodas for mix and put it into the oil for deep fry. Take it out when becoming light brown. Serve it with green chutney.



For curry


Tomato (3 med size)


Himalayan salt

Cumin seed

Grounded coriander powder(optional) as some of doesn’t prefer this during fast.


For Poori

Singhara atta or kuttu atta (as per choice)

Boiled potato

Pinch of Himalayan salt


Mix all together and make a smooth dough.

Now make small balls of dough, roll it in small round shape, heat the oil, give it a deep fry.

kuttu aata poori


  1. make a puree of tomato, keep aside.
  2. heat oil/ghee in a pressure cooker, add cumin seeds and chili.
  3. Add tomato puree let it cook properly, give a good stir.
  4. Add whisked curd. keep stirring.
  5. Add grounded coriander powder followed by Himalayan salt.
  6. Add fresh paneer cubes, mix it well
  7. add 1 /2 cup of water and close the pressure cooker nicely, wait until one whistle. let it be settle down
  8. Garnish the curry with green cilantro
  9. Serve it with hot poori.
paneer curry


1 Banana

2 cups fresh Strawberries

1 cup Milk

Bring all 3 ingredients into the juicer, blend it until smooth, a fresh smoothie is ready to give you energy during fast.

You can make any fruit smoothie also with your choice of fruits.

Smoothie Image Source Google










  1. Wash and soak samo rice, keep aside.
  2. Heat ghee in a pressure cooker, add cumin seeds and green chili.let them crackle.
  3. Add soaked samo rice,
  4. 2 cup of water
  5. add himalay salt
  6. Wait for 1 whistle in the cooker, turn off the stove, let it be settle
  7. Garnish it with cilantro and serve.
Image Source Google

I hope your Navratri will become more delicious with these recipes. Give it a try. I am sure you will love these.


I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa.

#MyFriendAlexa Post 6 Navratri Celebration Continues…



Dressing up with colorful dresses and getting ready for Garba and dandiya dance is my favorite part of Navratri celebrations. Shopping from Dandiya sticks to Chania choli stitched, semi-stitched or ready to wear, to jewelry, all are at their peak in this hour of festive, so does mine. Make sure, choose your dresses ( lehenga/saree/full-length dress) wisely keeping in mind your body, height, skin tone, whichever color suits you the most, matching /suitable jewelry, comfortable footwear everything. Sharing some pics of my celebrations.

Usually, Goddess Amba songs are famous to play for Garba performance, but for Dandiya, Bollywood has changed the trend by mixing Bollywood beats. I enjoy both, I love Garba but due to being non-Gujarati I am not very good at it, learning at the Pro level is one of my wishes from my bucket list, Dandiya become my savior when I lag behind in the group of my Awesome performers Gujarati friends. Now coming to the part of the song again, sharing the links of some not only from my favorites but also from the most popular Bollywood beats during Navratri from the era of Doordarshan Chitrahaar/Rangoli, let’s start with the mixed feeling of being nostalgic.

“Sheronwali Oonche dero wali “Movie – Suhaag remember??


“Disco Dandiya ” Movie – Love Love Love


“Jai Ambe Jagdambe Maa” Movie – Krantiveer


“Dholi Taaron” Movie – Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

“Radha kaise na jale” Movie- Lagaan

“O re gori” Movie – Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage

“Indhana Winva song ” Album – Falguni Pathak

it’s not from any movie but one of the best song for slow dandiya group,

Now gradually moving forward to the era where we were not depending on Chitrahaar or Rangoli to watch or search any song related to festivals, here are some more dandiya songs.

“Gunje Angna Mein Shehnai” Movie –Life Partner.


“Shubhaarambh” Movie –Kai Po Che


“Photocopy song” Movie – Jai Ho

“Nagade Sang Dhol Baaje” Movie – Ramleela

“Chogada Song Movie- Loveyatri

“Kamariya song” Movie – Mitron

These are some of the most played songs during Navratri, hopefully it will help you too, if planning for some awesome performance on dandiya beats /Garba.


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#MyFriendAlexa Post 5 Navratri Celebration



Let’s celebrate another festival in queue Navratri, Nine days of colorful Navratri festival from Sep 29, 2019 – Oct 7, 2019, is at the door, we have all geared up to worship Goddess Durga and her various forms. The festival is associated with the battle that took place between Durga and Mahishasura demon, celebrates the victory of Good over Evil. These nine days are solely dedicated to Goddess Durga and her nine Avatars. Each day is associated with an incarnation of the goddess.

Navratri festival’s morning starts with enchanting mantras and aloud bell rings of temples followed by embellished dresses, kirtan /bhajans, Garba, Bollywood style dandiya, enlightened cities, food items (without onion, garlic) especially during fast, etc. I am going to share everything about these nine divine days, like, different forms of Goddess Durga, the importance of different colors how I celebrate, what motivates me the most to celebrate it, what food can be preferred, if observed 9 days fast, famous Bollywood songs too. So here let’s start with the name of nine forms of NavDurga.

  • Shailaputri,
  • Brahmacharini,
  • Chandraghanta,
  • Kushmanda,
  • Skandamata,
  • Katyayini,
  • Kaalratri,
  • Mahagauri
  • Siddhidatri.

Day 1 Navratri color of the day – Orange
Worshipping Goddess Navdurga wearing Orange color bestows the person with qualities such as warmth and exuberance. This color is full of positive energy and keeps the person upbeat.

Day 2 Navratri color of the day – White
White color is synonymous with purity and innocence. Wear white color to become worthy of Goddess’ blessings and experience a feeling of inner peace and security.

Day 3 Navratri color of the day – Red
On Tuesday, wear Red color for your Navratri celebrations. Red symbolizes passion and love and is also the most preferred color of Chunri that is offered to Goddess. This color fills the person with vigor and vitality.

Day 4 Navratri color of the day – Royal Blue
Wear Royal Blue color it is a vivid shade of color Blue and represents richness and tranquillity.

Day 5 Navratri color of the day – Yellow
Wear Yellow color enjoy your Navratri day with a sense of unparalleled optimism and joy.

Day 6 Navratri color of the day – Green
Green color symbolizes nature and evokes a sense of growth, fertility, peace, and serenity.

Day 7 Navratri color of the day – Grey
Grey color represents balanced emotions and keeps the person down-to-earth.

Day 8 Navratri color of the day – Purple
Purple color is associated with luxury, grandeur, and nobility.

Day 9 Navratri color of the day – Peacock Green
Peacock Green implies uniqueness and individuality. . This color represents the quality associated with both of these colors such as compassion and freshness.

In my next post, I will be discussing the dress up during Navratri and the famous songs on which we usually love to play dandiya and Garba.

Stay Tuned!


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#MyFriendAlexa Post 3 HINDI POEM

।।दिल चाहता है।।

सितम्बर में आये एक और ख़ास दिन हिंदी दिवस के लिए मेरी कुछ पंक्तियाँ हिंदी में

दिल चाहता है ।

फिर से एक बार बचपन में चले जाये
की है जो गलतियां उसे पूरा न सही पर कुछ तो सुधार आये

बहुत सी थी बातें जिसे अनदेखा कर आये
बहुत से थे मौके जिसे अनजाने में गवां आये

दिल चाहता है
माँ बाप का साथ हर पल का फिर से मिल जाये
बस एक बार उन दिनों में जाकर उनके साथ की कीमत समझ आये

सोचा भी ना था उस घर को कभी छोड़ना भी होगा
जहाँ के हर कोने में मेरा बसेरा था उस घर से मीलों दूर कभी रहना भी होगा

मौसम बदलते है नयी रुत भी आती है
घड़ी तो अब भी वही है मेरे पास, पर वो वक़्त नया बतलाती है

बड़े होकर ये करेंगे बड़े होकर वो करेंगे इस आपा -थापी में बचपन से नाइंसाफी कर आये
उस बेशकीमती शाम के सूरज के ढलने पर हम होश में आये

बस कर लिया है वादा खुद से, अपना हर पल पूरी शिद्दत से जी जायेंगे
वक़्त को तो ना सही पर यादों को मीठा बना कैद कर जायेंगे

हो आखिरी यही सवेरा या अनगिनत हो सूरज बाकी
ज़िन्दगी तो अब कुछ भी हो, ज़िंदादिली से ही जी के जायेंगे।


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#MyFriendAlexa Post 4

Movie Day out -Dream Girl

Cast: Ayushmann Khurrana, Nushrat Bharucha

Director: Raaj Shaandilya

The most awaited girl’s day out finally took place, I and my friends went out to watch the most talk of the town movie of these days “DREAM GIRL”. Reviews of the movie already raised my hopes and excitement high, before starting anything I have to say It is a must-go movie, go and witness one more feather to the cap of actor Ayushman Khurana. A laudable job is done by writers, which is full of double meaning dialogues, an extra dose of rib-tickler laughs, extra points for the perfect timing of punches, I will give 4/5 stars.

Friends, I am not presenting a formal way of a movie review here, Just sharing my experience and above that what I brought with me in my mind, from the movie as soon I step out of the movie theatre. First, have a glance at a storyline.

Storyline-: Young lad Karamvir Singh is blessed with an unusual quality of impersonating girl’s voice, due to which despite no wish, he used to play the role of Sita and Radha in town’s mythological skits, as he grew up nothing changed, tradition continues of playing girl’s role , Karam’s father was debt-ridden, mortgage his house, shop everything and desperately wanted his son to settle down with some lucrative pay and perk job, after so many efforts Karam managed to get a job at girl’s to call center, who offer services to their callers mostly men. The only thing he needs to do, entertain them by flirty chats, this call center runned by a man in a hidden way in night hours only, just behind his electronics shop. A worker named pooja left the job, one’s loss becomes the gain for other, same happens here, Karam gets the job on the basis of his unique quality of voice change of girl and again situation compels him to do what he hated the most, right from his childhood, i.e.receive calls of callers in the voice of a girl. All was going well until Karam gets to engage with his choice of girl and planning to marry her soon. Later he finds that callers to whom he used to entertain by his attracting and over-friendly, loving voice, have started falling for him and strangest part some are from his known/close relatives /family members, and from that point all the hustle bustle starts ends up with a very strong message of this era, that in spite of being on various social media, connecting with huge number of friends and family deep inside everyone is fighting with their loneliness.

Movie Message

In the end, the message given by is the reality of today’s era where we have a long list of facebook friends, an increase of one or two numbers of followers on Instagram/twitter gives us great happiness but is this, real happiness? Do you have a single friend who listens to you without judging you?

My answer is some of you might have blessed but majority denies, This movie tells us, to be the POOJA of somebody’s life and get the POOJA of your life, get at least one true friend who listens to you, on the other hand, be ready to listen to someone . Pooja is not a gender, it could be your next-door neighbor, your spouse, your colleague, your cousin, your sibling, your parents, your grandchild, your teacher, your friend or anyone, open your heart in front of someone, you can trust you can talk openly, I believe to be healthy and happy, physically and mentally, it becomes the demand of time and a call of a fit mind, to identify and preserve the worth and truthfulness of your own personality instead of killing your inner self in proving or adjusting yourself in the world of irrational competition, where everyone pretends to befriend on the condition of their interest and convenience, out of which they are least interested in you and your know about.

A message to think about.


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