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” Humor is a great way to lighten any atmosphere, and laughing is a surefire way to brighten your outlook.” J Fischer 

In childhood days we were like a CERTIFIED laughter,we used to have countless reasons to laugh some sensible some non sensible,we never ever mind to even laughed on our dumbness ,we used to play carelessly,we fight sooner giving hands for patch up,hopping for favorite food ,these little things given us a major goal of laughing.This purity of laughter badly missing once we grown up .We learn to act smart enough to hide our laughter behind a sweet simple Smile.We become more rational about laughter like before whom to laugh?why to laugh?Is it necessary to laugh or a small smile can solve the purpose?Let me check if it is my group or a group where I will be misjudged if i laughed naturally?and Blah Blah Blahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

“Laughter heals all wounds, and that’s one thing that everybody shares. No matter what you’re going through, it makes you forget about your problems. I think the world should keep laughing.” Kevin Hart

Control your thoughts!!No need of this overthinking. Laugh as much as you can.Despite of being extra busy put your alarm on tomake yourself remember to laugh,THE BEST MEDICINE OF THE HAPPY LIFE IS LAUGHTER ONLY!It is not only the activity of a healthy body,laughter touches your soul and mind too,just like the love laughter ia also most demanding stuff of a happy life.

If we understands the significance of laughter for a healthy body we must know that it releases endorphins as similar to your workout, which is a superb mood booster. Laugh works as a self-defense mechanism also while facing any awkward unpleasant situation.you can opt various ways to make your day filled with laughter go for some comedy movie,plan an outing with friends . Laughing at a problem make you more clear about the problem that it is finite,and you are capable enough to solve it calmly.

So no matter how much your life keeps you busy. you deserve a day full of laughter,get some time to laugh untill it hurts your belly ,spread it as much as you can.it is a straight way towards a happy life ,enjoy the ride !!!!

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#BlogchatterA2Z Ownership

Salve( morning greet in Latin) Friends



Many times we blame our partners, childrens, or people to whom we are connected at work or in relatives ,we keep expecting them to change, in the belief of to be more happier.Ignoring the fact that why outside change is required for our happiness when it is inside you ,with you all the time? If we look for happiness completely outside ourselves, we are going to forever hunt for it. If it’s entirely inside, we wouldn’t need any materialistic comfort. If you have given the keys of your happiness in other’s hand youare bound to play victim. on contrary ,when you have complete possesion of it,you are unbeatable winner,irrespective the ups and downs of your life. Whether you stay single,or with your partner, or separated, you have job or out of job ,with kids or not kids that happiness is going to follow you like a shadow. One of the biggest keys to happiness is that you take ownership for the kind of life that you want to live. You have to take those actions and without expectations of other people to change.


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#BlogchatterA2Z courageous enough to say “NOOO”

Jo Napot (morning greet in Hungarian) Friends

DAY 14-: courageous enough to say “NOOO”

“Learn to say “no” to the good and the advantageous, in order to receive the best.” 
― Sunday Adelaja

Stop presenting yourself as a” Public Pleaser”.Don’t damage your identity and freedom under the pressure of maintaining the image of “Good Buddy”. Those who loves you,believes in you ,will remain the same inspite of taking your NO as an answer,If it is not the same,definitely, it is a clear sign ,you are wasting your time on someone who are not meant to be a part of your happiness.Many of us end up saying yes to activities, plans,ideas only to regret it. We ourselves give the switch of our happiness in the hands of those who don’t deserve to be there or we drown our ownself into the sea of worries by saying NO,if we really have the right to decline a request or invitation, to stop spending less time with a friend.

“Sometimes “No” is the kindest word.” 
― Vironika Tugaleva

“It takes an effort to say no when our heart and brains and guts and, most important, pride are yearning to say yes. Practice.”
― Cole Harmonson

By following some notable footsteps, you can smartly and calmly handle the embarrassing situation of saying NO.The first thing one must understand the correct gesture and flow of conversation, take a pause before commit for yes,avoid the instant reaction ,go through the screening in your mind.priortise your to do list,you may messed up with it by saying yes . If you are already drenched, then you must have got a good reason not to say yes.Sometime saying NO sets you free from the undue unwanted dramas of life.You deserve and you are allowed to present the best show of yourself.

” Let today mark a new beginning. Give yourself permission to say NO without feeling guilty , mean, or selfish, Anybody who gets upset and/or expects you to say YES all of the time clearly doesn’t have your best interest at heart, Always remember: You have a right to say NO without having to explain yourself, Be at peace with your decisions.” – Stephanie Lahart

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#BlogchatterA2Z Money

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DAY 13-: MONEY Matters!

Remembering actor rishi kapoor’s very popular bollywood song on money,the lyrics says “Paisa Ye Paisa Nahi Koyi Aisa, Jaisa Yeh Paisa, Ke Ho Musibat Naa Ho Musibat,’ (There is nothing like money, whether you are in trouble nor not). The song personifies money and explains how everything can be bought with money in this world. Money and its relevance to our lives need not be explained the happiness on seeing ‘salary credited’ on the first day of every month explains it all.So lets put some light on both contradictory points of Money, whether it can buy happiness or not?

Though it’s true that money doesn’t buy happiness in a direct way, but we can’t deny with the fact that a lack of it can certainly buy unhappiness. Perhaps,Money is not everything,but it is surely a thing without which a vital angle of a secure life could not be mention. Hence I believe, money does buy happiness but that too only to the certain limit,where it is able to provide you all comforts,but beyond that limit the power of money fails, notwithstanding, your kindness ,positivity still able to clutch the true flavor of joy and happiness in one’s life.

Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. –Franklin D. Roosevelt

Smart saving and investment plans of money only can give you better and safe future , understanding the significance of knowledge of best investment and outstanding return should be the priority of one’s life.finding yourself at secured place always gives immense satisfaction,which boost the level of happiness.

Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant. –P.T. Barnum

When I ask people what money means to them, I get words like freedom, choices and enjoyment. To me, this suggests that while money doesn’t buy happiness, it gives us the ability to pursue happiness. Sounds simple, yet often what we think will make us happy leads to disappointment.

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#BlogchatterA2Z Judgemental

Goede Morgen (Morning Greet in Dutch) Friends

DAY 10 -: stop being “JUDGEMENTAL”

“Be curious, not judgmental.” – Walt Whitman

“Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”!!!!Being judgemental develops a tendency of blindness in one’s personality by pointing only those harsh things which barely exist and by avoiding the positive attributes.Happiness can only flourishes when you throw all the negativities and criticism out from your thoughts and daily life.Nobody on the earth would like to being jugded by someone ,those who entertains the criticism can never enjoy and appreciate their life.

Judgment is a mirror, most of the time it is the reflection of your own sickness of mind and insecurities.Feeling of being judged compels you to judge back,it gives result in twinge of envy. Don’t make quick opinions about people just by their color,designation,looks,dress up,way of living. When you stop judging, you also stop caring about what other people think about you.Replace judgment with observation and curiousness. try to make a bridge between two.
Save and keep away yourself from your judgments. Everything doesn’t need your opinion.So stop wasting time on judging,focus on observing as it is the best tool of learning.

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#BlogchatterA2Z Being Independent

Selamat Pagi (Morning Greet in Indonesian) Friends


Before commencing my write up, I would like to invite you all you to share your views on, when you first read the title “Being Independent”, what comes in your mind .I would like to share my view whenever I come across anything related to independence,face of woman comes in my mind as very first sight,and i feel sad about it,beacause still in our society a certain group of woman in certain part of our country,see their freedom of thinking,freedom of working or freedom of talking at the second priority.I feel standing in the support of yourself firmly is the basic thing anybody can learn before learning any other skill. Being Independent can add more layers to your happy life.
When you need not to look up to someone else for the approval for your decisions.Listen your voice inside yourself rather than asking for advice with others.

The most common dream chased in a life by almost every kid out there for sure is “A Feel Of Being Independent”.However, I feel ,as a kid we were more independent in expressing ourselves in front of anyone fearlessly , as we become older we cover ourselves beneath the shell of countless uninvited fears,like fear of rejection,fear of being left out,fear of failure,fear of being misunderstood or misjudged,and to be on safer side we prefer choose to be blind sheep rather than independent.

It is the time to save yourself for the sake of your happiness ,one need to learn how to take the best decisions that favor us to live the lives the way we want to.Shaping your personality into an independent person can be one of the most justifiable outcomes we can aspire for ourselves.

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#BlogchatterA2Z LOVE

Suprabhat (Morning Greet in Hindi) Friends


After acknowledging the self love in the form of acceptance and adaptibility lets move forward on the treasure hunt of forms of love,how at the different ages of life we witness the different faces of love.everyone has his own set of definition and direction to express his love and find peace and satisfaction.

LOVE is the only language where words are not mandate to express ,it can easily be identified and understood by its kind gesture. For me, love is one of the most powerful force in the world,which can not be hide by any way ,if it is pure and selfless,it shines through all your relations.

“I am convinced that love is the most durable power in the world. It is not an expression of impractical idealism, but of practical realism. Far from being the pious injunction of a Utopian dreamer, love is an absolute necessity for the survival of our civilization. To return hate for hate does nothing but intensify the existence of evil in the universe. Someone must have sense enough and morality enough to cut off the chain of hate and evil, and this can only be done through love.”
— Martin Luther King Jr.”

Unbeatable thought given by an American Bapist minister and activist and the youngest Noble Peace Prize Winner Mr.Martin Luther King Jr.who worked hard for his every word ,he said. A greatest refreshment of one’s life is just a pure love .Love is the medium,which helps oneself’s to sustain in life with equal mix of courage,confidence and kindness.Love enriches you with all its positivities,by removing the craps like hatred, jealousy and drama from your life. We all know that there are a numerous emotions propagated by love. It might be any relation binding us together, love is encountered in various forms. A passionate lover’s kiss,soft mother’s touch, expresses love. Newly born babies when they don’t able to realize their existence even ,they perfectly sense their mother’s touch and thats the power of love in a same way a fatherly concern or a sisterly cuddle, a brotherly care, , each and everything expresses their love.Love doesn’t limits to the humans ,it proliferates everywhere from human to animals,from earth to sky.Have you ever wondered ,how a pet/any animal quickly identifies its owner’s touch/mood and their presence/voice? Its simply because of the sweet bond of love they both share .Planting is also a form of love,those who loves nature,inpours all strength to keep their plants fresh and healthy.

Love is a panacea for a healthy ,happy and a blissful life .Love can be the biggest healer for any broken heart and soul.It can bring people together and keep them closer inspite of living too far from each other. No one in this Earth can live a happy life without love.

Must say,somewhere deep down everyone is craving for love.So spread love as much as you can, it is not going to empty your stock trust me,in fact, it will certainly come back to you with double velocity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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#BlogchatterA2Z Knowledge

Zǎoān(Morning greet in Chinese) Friends


“An investment in knowlege pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin.

“Knowledge is life with wings.” William Blake.

“Knowledge is Power” is a famous say.Knowledge enriches us with the key to help others, in several ways. It is also something that is good for our own self esteem. In addition, knowledge imbues us with authority and enables us to act and interact with others in a more moral way. Possessing knowledge can really give us a feeling of self fulfillment and confidence. Knowledge is something that – no matter how many trials we come across in our life – we can always fall back on. In addition, if we find ourselves facing a trial in life, knowledge can enable us to find a solution to the issue that boosts our self esteem even further. What could be more of a confidence boost than knowing that we used our own skills and knowledge to surmount one of life’s challenges?
The process of seeking and finding knowledge teaches us to have a positive attitude about life. It teaches us to be motivated, determined, engaged with the world and self reliant. It also fills us with enthusiasm and joy – after all, humans love learning new things and the process of finding out new facts is a wonderful end in itself.

With the paddle of knowledge one can cross any river of difficulty by using his/her experiences and skills of decision making.Flow of knowledge does not limits in reading books only,it comes by grinding your story of success and learning from failures/mistakes.

“Knowledge is of no value, untill you put into practise.”

Similarly, knowledge is of no value if not shared though,simply acquaintace of knowledge restricts it’s own flow if not getting shared by the persons who are really in a need of help.Sharing of knowledge creates awareness and motivation to generate new ideas ,to understand the things in better way,And awareness raises confidence ,which is dirctely connected to your happiness.

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#BlogchatterA2Z HUMOR

Halla (Greet in Swedish) Friends


Truly truly believe in !!!!!!Take it Easy!!!BE HUMOROUS friends life is already doing its job by testing us every bit of time,on that note humor or a humorous person both can be a Savior…!!!!

The best medicine to reduce the pessimism from the life or to lighten the stressful atmosphere, is Humor only,thats too, when it is taken or given in a positive way.Being humorous is alwayz an add on quality for anyone,it become a little easier for a humorous person
than a reserved and a serious kind of a person,to quickly gel up with a particular group or a person ,with their prompt sense of humor.Their smart way of communication is able to change any kind of an unpleasant or embarrassing situation in a realxed one.

Although not everyone is blessed with such an outstanding sense of humor.When sense of humor cards played negatively it bring disasters too ,many people use their quality to hurt someone ,to humiliate or degrade someone.This sad reality of humor is killing the crux of being humorous.

So guys don’t be sad if your not sailing in the boat of good sense of humor ,be a witty receiver of it,be smart enough to enjoy the laughter part of humor to the fullest and be wise enough to ignore the dark side of it ,it shouldn’t affect the bliss of your happiness in any way!!!!!!!!!!

Be Humorous it is the demand of a beautiful easy cheesy life.



#BlogchatterA2Z Growth

Yasou ( Greet in Greek) Friends

DAY 7- (Self ) GROWTH

At some point self growth is being misunderstood with the tag of selfishness,however in the content list of one’s happy life, growth is placed at highest rank.Working on yourself is the best thing you can gift youself throughout the life.Yooo Go For It!!!!!!Never stop yourself from growing in all the positive aspects.

Life is the name of continuous growth ,to joyfully taste the actual fun of life ,to add on more flavors to its splendour ,a gradual growth is much demanded.Essence of a blissful life resides in oneself’s continuous growth,no matter how high or low benchmarks have been settled down by the society.One must be well aware of his own areas and requirement of growth.Everyone has their own parameters to measure the degree of growth ,which is calculated on the basis of their need, priorities,lifestyle and time.So here the term growth not meant in the context of monetary or career growth only but intellectual growth and emotional growth also.

“Growth is important not the pace”

Speed of growth never been a matter of concern, if efforts on growth are working properly at their place,it will definitely going to give an immense satisfaction and this aura of satisfaction will lead you through the pathway of the happiest life.Today in this era of intense competition, every second we are loosing ourselves ,we are almost forgetting to take care of our own interest,to counting our strength ,working on our weaknesses,our own agenda of life,this blindness of mind is dimming the shininess of life’s happiness. So from today eliminate this uncalled, non- required,useless competition,which has taken a permanent place in one’s mind.To enjoy a bliss of a life one has to understand his real need,his own pace,his own priorities which is absolutely nothing to do with his/her neighborhood’s priorities , relative’s priorities ,your dear friend’s priorities or anyone out their at your workplace.

Make your way to self growth ,mistakes happens with those only who tries,so forget about the worries, mistakes and hurdles are expected to come in, prepare yourself to face those ,no matter if plans doesn;t work,come up with plan B.So chill chill a big chill,at the very first point of time you need to visualize the area of your growth , sequence your to do list,calculate the possibility sensibly and decide your move accordingly.You will definitely witness the charisma of self growth.

Keep Growing Sensibly!!!!

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