#BlogchatterA2Z Family&Friends

Salve (greet in italian) Friends!


The REAL treasure of one’s life,is undoubtedly Family and Friends.FAMILY who stands by you through thick and thin without being judgemental about you.In the world of strangers it is your family only who trusts you ,who loves you unconditionally . It is is a gift with which God has blessed us by birth. A dream of a beautiful, peaceful, happy life couldn’t even imagine without acknowledment of family. There are numerous moments comes in your life when you almost breaks down , you lose all hopes but family always comes with a surprise and supports your back, no matter how hard time they also went through ,but when its comes to your wishes and happiness ,they act as a cheerleader in life.They are someone who are well aware about all your quirks,then also never complains.
Care Them!

Likewise, there is one more indispensable part of a happy blissful life i.e. FRIENDS,equally placed in your heart just like a family only the difference ,family we have, gift from God and friends are those we choose to consider to be with.We meet so many friends in our life during school days,college days,training days,at workplace,while travelling,in our neighborhood,in hobby classes and so forth.However among them with some we met only for once , with some we maintain only professional terms,some are party friends,and some become buddies for life.These buddies encourage you,cares you in the same way your family does,they understand your silence more than your words.
Preserve Them!

These family and friends are the real gems of a delighted life. Treat your blessings with care ,dont take your family and friends for granted,clashes of thoughts are very common whether with family or friends, what matters ,their support and love and vice versa. Life is too short to live collect and cherish all the sweet,sour,and lovable moments with your loved ones.

“Family and friendships are two of the greatest facilitators of happiness.” –John C. Maxwel

“Family and friends are hidden treasures, seek them and enjoy their riches.” –Wanda Hope Carter

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#BlogchatterA2Z EXERCISE

Guten Tag(greet in German) Friends!

DAY 5: EXERCISE For A Healthy Life!!

“Healthy Body Leads To Healthy Mind”.

“The Secret Key Of A Happy Life Is GOOD HEALTH” ,

We grown up by listening and reading millions of health quotes .Do we ever count the percentile of adaption of such quotes in our daily life?Not sure ?No harm done it’s always better late than never,by making a committment to yourself at this very moment start to give atleast 20 min to exercise to attain a healthy body which lead to healthy mind eventually entails a blissful life.


Today we become far more vigilant about fitness .Research reports found, those who practises exercise at least twice a week are more happier and healthier than those who don’t.Once you add on exercise to your routine it opens various doors of happiness for you by removing stress and depression from the life.It makes one’s immune system stronger when one feels fit and healthy ,his/her confidence sparks gradually .When you find yourself ready for any outdoor/indoor activity, or at your workplace activities you feel much energetic and active.Exercise revamps your sleep .

So start practising exercise right away in whatever way you want to fit yourself.Those who are in love of dancing like me can opt Zumba /contemporary /hip hop dance rather than going to gym.Add on morning/evening brisk walk in your daily job,practise yoga,learn meditation.

Don’t forget an unhealthy lifestyle not only ruins the happiness of your life and body but dreams also,and UNDO keys doesn’t work on one’s life.Hence replace unhealthy word with healthy one by adding on 20 min exercise in your daily routine.

Wish you all aging with a HEALTHY & FIT BODY!!!!!!!!!!!

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#BlogchatterA2Z Detach From Ego

Bonjour (greet in French) Friends

DAY 4 : Detach From Ego

“Quitting The Ego Empowers Your Best Self”

To live a peaceful life Detachment from some vicious attributes is as equally demanded as the addition of some ‘Must Have’ traits.The most darkest enemy of one,s life is Ego ,it tapers the wisdom and knowledge later drive you to the just opposite direction. it enriches your persona with countless negativities like jealousy,dishonesty,lie etc.It won’t let you grow anywhere whether it is any relationship,at your workplace,at your home ,in your neighborhood nowhere. to set yourself free from the false world of SELF one need to practise some core tips to dwell in the blissness of life and protects the shine of a happy life…..

*Bring on Let it go attitude ,dont take any harsh feeling/words too seroius for very long,even though it hurts you much deep down, for the sake of your positivity wise step is to save your enerygy and let it go.Remember nothing is permanant in this world nor this harsh moment.

*Get out of your own head so stop continuously thinking about your own identity,what you think you are.

*Come out of image conscious game by being honest with the call of time and need of job,stop impressing all the time.

*Don’t compare! Everyone has different taste ,different life,and different dreams , comparision kills from inside,it resist you from enjoying all those things ,you are blessed.

“Detachment from ego guides the person to stripped away many related negativity and makes the life shiner.”

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Konnichiwa (greet in Japanese) Friends


Whooohoooo what a start of the day for me when I was getting ready to share beauty of compassion in our life with my readers, while watching news I came to know about a little innocent boy from the state of Mizoram India ,his gesture of compassion for a small chicken touched me so deep and made me realised that my blogpost will remain incomplete if i forget to mention this incident. .Before I start anything about the word compassion I would rather like to share a brief of the incident that brought this boy into limelight.

This little boy was riding his bicycle and accidently runs over the chicken, as soon as he realised his mistake he came into action to make sure that chicken should be absolutely OK and wouldn’t injured much,he took the chicken right to the hospital and at this small age well known with the value of money ,he gave all his money for chicken’s treatment.

Ahaa!!!what a compassinate boy he is no words just claps,applauds for him!!!!!Do I need to say anything more about the beauty of compassion in the life?

‘Compassion automatically brings happiness and calmness. Then, even if you receive disturbing news, it will be easier to take, as your mind is still.”- Dalai Lama

Compassion amplifies the beauty of life by upgrading the level of one’s understanding.when you are not only empathize the pain, the suffer of others but also come forward courageously to alleviate the pain of sufferer by all the best possible efforts and thats the point when you actually honed your ability of being compassionate.

Embrace yourself with the power of compassion which is not only about the feel and expression of words of sympathy it is an act of ACTION to find out the root and cause and do possible efforts to subside one’s problems.

Giving a helping hand to another , helping concept

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#BlogchatterA2Z Alphabet C

“Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation”. Henry Ward Beecher

#BlogchatterA2Z Be Bonkers

Hola Friends

DAY 2: Be Bonkers

Continuing with the tips and tricks of living a blissful life lets move towards a lighter note but equally significant note of life i.e.Be Bonker / going crazy. The Happiest moment of life clubbed with the deal of little madness. So what to wait for? its time to come out of shell.

Don’t let die your inner madness for the sake of maturity whether by age or experience.Let it too come in, but not at the cost of your incy wincy craziness. Sometimes choosing street food with the childhood friend over the scrumptious cuisine with formal colleagues gives more happiness ,feel to being drizzly in the rain go for it,do what you wanted to do,crazy about music vocal/instrumental but not good at it atleast give it a try listening your sour note is not that bad ,
though being style icon do upload some pics with messy hairs too, at the end its all going to give you an ecstatic experience.

Owing to jam packed schedule most often we put our plans on hold,dreams under wrapped ,give up on our passion , but why ?Because some are waiting for perfect time, some looking for lucrative bank balance and so on but trust me there is nothing like the term Perfect ,whatever it is merely about having a whale of time in your crazy imperfections.

Remember craziness doesn’t follow an ordinary path its always favors something out of box and thats completely OK ,what delights you bring it on!!

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#BlogchatterA2Z Acceptance&Adaptability

Hello Friends !!!!

ABCD of a HAPPY BLISSFUL LIFE begins here!!!!

Wish You All A Very Happy April Month

DAY 1 – Acceptance with Adaptability

Acceptance and Adaptability are the two faces of a single coin,which plays a significant role in one’s life.Infact these are the threshold of a Lively Life.

Receiving a gift always gives an immense pleasure. Amidst of customs of giving and taking,dealing with the rush of our schedule,in competing with surrounded society/workplace somehow we almost forget about the gift we already carrying 24*7 365 days right from the moment we came to the world and i.e A Blissful Life,what we remember only Life !Feel of this starts with the acceptance of ourselves in our own view in the way we actually are,

Acceptance never meant to be simply folding hands or in the pockets and watching the situation its an acknowledgement of the facts and deciding your moves accordingly.

Acceptance is all about knowing yourself inside out in the best possible way .Once you understand your ability, your potential,beauty of your own body , thoughts,demand of time and expected behavior of your own etc.,that alignment of your body and soul starts giving you a power of Adaptibility. Adaptability is be ready for a change by getting rid of own rigidity,removing all the stiffness of thoughts for surviving in the world via outstanding pathway.we are very well aware of Darwin’s theory

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin


So live your life on your own conditions though there would be countless problems continuing to comein day to day life only the thing through which you would be able to deal with, is your own strength of acceptance to understand the problem first and to decide your moves through your strength of adaptability

Lets accept our own identity whole heartedly by knowing what we have , what we are ,what we could be to thrive ourselves with the best version of adaptability!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Theme Reveal:Blogging A2Z Challenge 2019


Yeah!! Archusblog is here to participate in
#BlogchatterA2ZChallenge 2019. for the very first time with the mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness.

I found this Blogchatter challenge very amazing and helpful for all the new bloggers out there just like me, an outstanding booster to develop their writing skills through their blogpost.

So here’s the brief of this challenge for my readers from non blogger world A2Z challenge starts in the month of April every year,it gives an opportunity to bloggers to come up with their articles/blogpost in alphabetical manner like April 1 – Alphabet A ,April 2 – Alphabet B and so on ,throughout the month except SUNDAYs ,

After taking so many hours and days of thinking , walking through so many phases of rejections and selections of my own ideas finally got my theme to blog on i.e.



I will share my ideas , ways and some must be carry on attributes to gift yourself a lifefilled with immense happiness and positivesness inspite of dwelling with crazy/non crazy imperfections.I will keep my blog short,concise and interesting.

So guys Stay tuned!

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