A Treasure To Gift Among CHILDREN

In the era of huge cut-throat competition amidst of express speed of life, with the rushing hours, somewhere and somehow, unfortunately, we as a parent intentionally or unintentionally involved our kids into this meaningless marathon, everyone wants all-rounder kid, because being “HAPPY IN LESS” is not into the trend, some literally living and enjoying their life with this strong belief, and trying their best to put the weight of their fulfilled/broken dreams on the small innocent shoulder of their kiddos, it is not the kind of kids, it’ is their parent who doesn’t want to accept that YES, it really doesn’t matter much, if my son/daughter doesn’t show interest in particular field that they want them to perform at par, but yes, doing exceptionally well somewhere else. Maybe, some of you get me wrong, but this is the hidden prevailing fact, at some point we accept, some don’t have the courage to accept, and rest don’t realize that they actually into this useless race.

Many parents I can see spending their life in counting their own win only , where they won to force their child to participate in contest and kid also performed well, without giving least consideration on their kid’s forte, but someone around is performing in that field, we have no choice but to let our children to get into it anyhow.

I consider some of the major attributes if we as a parent can effort to put in the mind and soul of our kiddos, it will come as a great treasure for them in achieving long term goals, but then again I will say before inducing it in our children we have to make ourselves understand very clearly to focus on long term winning not short term achievements.

1.) BE YOU -:

Dear Parents let your children be the best version of themselves, we as a parent has to understand at the beginning that compelling child for the things-to-do, is actually a one-sided game with them which leads the little innocent mind towards loss of confidence, they won’t be able to recognize ever their interest and area of perfection.

2). Win your Inner Battle-:

As a parent let gift our child the strength and power to win with their inner enemies of fears like unnecessary competition, jealous, insecurities, fear of defeat. an all if parent conquers this battle I am sure they would definitely like to transfer this treasure to their child to be a winner forever.

3). Be A Learner -:

Learning is a continuous process. Let your child tell to never put STOP sign on learning. This is the only way they can shine brighter and brighter without any extra effort.

4). Sharing Is Caring-:

We are completely aware of this major problem among kids that too in terms of materialistic things only but in parents it lies in on non materialistic things also, ok let’s unfold the riddle, as a parent in the race of competition we are losing our responsibility of sharing knowledge, somewhere back of mind having thoughts if not my child why to share with others this info. better to block the flow of sharing. save our child with narrow mindedness is our prime responsibility.

The way children grow as a parent we also grows both go hand in hand with holding bitter and sweet experiences and learning, by facing ups and downs, only the thing we can make sure we both parent and children come out as more stronger with a more clearer vision in recognizing the values of our kiddos’s precious childhood. tween age, teenage and enjoy their each and every moment to the fullest.

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