An Abduction Fetched Freedom For VEERA #A2ZofBollywood

V FOR VEERA (From Highway)

Veera is a character I have picked from the movie Highway(2014). It is the story of every girl who is getting suffocated by the glamorous life of their big bungalows. Although, they live the life of a princess, however, where deep inside their emotions are crushed by their own family members. They want to feel the cool breeze, want to breathe in the free air, they want to follow the dreams of their choice, they want to share their pain with their parents but nope they can not, since so-called sophisticated society’s norms should not be breached in any way. Highway projects the journey of Veera how she found solace in her abduction and wishes her journey of abduction never end, she does not want a destination on a journey full of happiness. Actress Alia Bhatt did full justice to the role of Veera at the age of 20 she has narrated the turmoil of Veera outstandingly on screen and again the icing on the cake is A.R.Rehman’s music.


Veera Tripathi (Alia Bhatt) is the daughter of a Delhi-based rich business tycoon. Who got abducted by a gang leading by Mahabir (Randeep Hooda)just before her wedding day. When they find out that Veera’s father has links in the government. Captors kept moving Veera in different cities, to misguide the police. Veera finds her lost freedom in abduction, she realizes it as a blessing in disguise. Later she becomes comfortable in Mahabir’s company and shares her childhood’s horrific incident of sexual harassment by her own uncle. Mahabir not only emphasizes with her also shares his unpleasant childhood memories, her mother’s pain while she was forced to become a sex slave, all because of his abusive father, knowing the story of another side both also find solace in each other’s company. A peaceful night brought a very haunted morning, the police traced Mahabir’s location and reached there, during the chaos, shoot Mahabir, which broke Veera emotionally, finding no option enraged girl returned back to home with her parents this she was the stronger version of Veera she confronts her Uncle and left home for a new start on her own.


1). Β Go the extra mile to know about your children if they are feeling uncomfortable in front of someone or showing strange behavior under a specific presence of an entity regardless the person is an outsider or from the family ask them to find out the reason behind listen to them first, support them in any situation assure them about their safety. As a parent, it becomes our prime responsibility to educate the child about the good touch and bad touch and prevent any such event from occurring at least in the home where every corner is easily reachable.

2). Most importantly it is not about the sharing kids only, as a parent, we have to make sure that misdeed should not happen with our kid or any kid, raise the alarm immediately against the culprit, no matter how close he is to you or your family members.

3). It is the circumstances who make you Good or Bad, everyone has a different story, must have gone through many storms, we never up to what extent of pain they have faced which made them indulge in such a sinful act. ( I know exceptions are always there).In movie where Mahabir shares his father’s tortures on him and his mother to Veera, his pain can be easily felt in his voice and eyes, and he got mold to the crime of abduction.

4).Β  People can not be judged by their Social status and profession. In the movie, Veera’s uncle was a rich and educated person he molested her whereas Mahabir was uneducated even involved in the planned crime of kidnapping also wanted to sell her which later he has a change of mind, but he never misbehaved with Veera.

That is all for today see you tomorrow with another stupefying character. Till then have a happy reading, leave with your comments, and promise to be back tomorrow!!

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30 thoughts on “An Abduction Fetched Freedom For VEERA #A2ZofBollywood”

  1. Avatar

    I haven’t watched Highway so far Archu but your description of VEERA has got me hooked buddy. Thus, am watching it at the earliest

  2. Avatar

    I loved this movie and the role that Alia played. This is common in so many households child abuse, sexual harassment and marital rape. Good pick, Archana. Only awareness can help a woman stand up for her rights.

  3. Avatar

    Even j lived this character Veera. I empathised with her but there was this anger to fight for her. I oray and wish for some strength for girls and boys who face this in their homes. One such story was kahaani 2. That was also thought provoking

  4. Avatar

    Another interesting character and of course the lessons learnt are important. We often neglect the simple clues kids give us and teaching them about good and bad touch and talking about them and knowing what is happening in their life is important. Waiting for the last 4 posts and then i will so miss the daily dose

    1. Avatar

      Yes, dear Safety of our kiddos can not be compromised in any way outside or inside the home, Thank you Arushi even I will miss these lovely comments. πŸ™‚

  5. Avatar

    Highway ki Veera, what a strong character she was. I remember her role was highly acclaimed. The message certainly was stronger that as parents we need to be our kid’s confidante.

  6. Avatar

    I didn’t watch this movie but Alia is one of my favourites, I love to watch her movie. A superb actor with great dancing skill. I loved how you dissect every movie. Review and teachings both are so engaging.

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