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The Movie “Oh My God” has a unique concept, unlike any other movie, with an extremely strong message, of not becoming the blind followers of those who try to play with innocent people’s faith and emotions in the name of God. The movie must be watched by both categories of people, those who have a strong belief in God and also who don’t. It brilliantly brought a harsh and hidden reality of so-called Godmen, who are running their Religious Businesses successfully from years by misusing and misguiding the pure, honest, religious people. In short, a completely entertaining, edifying movie with a sense of humor accompanied by prompt wittiness.


Kanji Lalji Mehta( Paresh Rawal), who does not believe in the entity of GOD, runs a small business of GOD idols and all the religious goods. Things turned upside down for Kanji when an earthquake came to his city and destroys only his shop, which was his major and only source of income, he contacted the insurance company to recover the loss, but nothing went in his favor, as insurance company denied to pay on the grounds of being an ‘act of God’, company pulls all is hand back by saying that Kanji has already signed the clause where it is mentioned, natural calamity does not cover the loss. Upset Kanji takes God, the so-called GODmen of the society and business holders of Religion to the court. With the help and guidance of a man Krishna Vasudeva Yadav (Akshay Kumar), although he is completely unaware of the real identity of Krishna( who is indeed a Lord Krishna) Kanji followed all the instructions given by Krishna. Kanji win the case in court by also revealing how religion becomes the victim of profit-making businesses, at last, Kanji found the faith in God.


1). The present scenario in which we are living, itself a proof that though the Temples, Mosques, Churches, are the holy places we believed for our GOD but to feel the real essence of the worship, only the faith with a true heart is the requirement, prayers are heard from everywhere.

2). Religion is made by a man with the only purpose to guide the spiritual conscience, to regularize the disciplined life, your conscience needs faith and true heart to connect with GOD, not even a particular language or words require, so do not be a part of the blind race.

3). Simply chanting mantras does not make you a certified cultivate or spiritual person, an act of humanity or compassion surely does, hence be the human first, own the heart which can feel the pain of others, a mind that can lead you through the rightful deeds.

4). Most importantly the movie also has given a perfect lesson about getting adequate insurance, also one should pay proper attention while signing on the written document.

A glimpse of one of my favorite dialogue that I truly believe in, from the court scene…

That is all for today see you tomorrow with another awe-inspiring character. Till then have a happy reading, leave with your comments and promise to be back tomorrow!!

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34 thoughts on “Case Filed Against God! OH MY GOD #A2ZofBollywood”

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    This is a very important post with great message Archana. This movie is different and unique. And the whole story evolves around how to worship and follow the righteous path. Written in subtle way Archana. Enjoyed reading it.

  2. Avatar

    Again a great choice of movie archana and yes..this movie has shared such an important lessons specially related with religion concept. in india, there is so much politics created on these matters and this movie shows that truth behind this so wonderfully.

  3. Avatar

    This movie is an official remake of movie The man who sued God and story line is based on a gujrati drama Kanji virudh Kanji.
    Many parts of the movie are thought provocating.

  4. Avatar

    I usually avoid such movies but somehow turned up watching it. Insurance and signing papers are the banes of my life. Well pointed out
    takes from the movie Archana.

  5. Avatar

    One of the awesome and impacting movies.
    Brilliant direction and acting too.
    thanks for sharing will try and watch it today, had really loved the concept and lessons it tried to convey.

  6. Avatar

    Another interesting post. I have not seen the movie but I think i will. Your views on religion are so apt. It is man made and a toy for the politicians which they use to their advantage.

  7. Avatar

    This is an absolute favorite in my house. For me personally it helps me ponder on the relevance of religion and the significance I assign to it in my life. A good post.

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