blogchatter A2Zchallenge2019

#BlogchatterA2Z courageous enough to say “NOOO”

Jo Napot (morning greet in Hungarian) Friends DAY 14-: courageous enough to say “NOOO” “Learn to say “no” to the good and the advantageous, in order to receive the best.” ― Sunday Adelaja Stop presenting yourself as a” Public Pleaser”.Don’t damage your identity and freedom under the pressure of maintaining the image of “Good Buddy”. Those who …

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#BlogchatterA2Z Judgemental

Goede Morgen (Morning Greet in Dutch) Friends DAY 10 -: stop being “JUDGEMENTAL” “Be curious, not judgmental.” – Walt Whitman “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”!!!!Being judgemental develops a tendency of blindness in one’s personality by pointing only those harsh things which barely exist and by avoiding the positive attributes.Happiness can only flourishes when …

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