Family Drama ‘Gullak’ Season 1 & Season 2 #BlogaberryDazzle

Family Drama Gullak Season1  & Season 2

Gullak: Sikkon Ki Nahin, Kisson Ki Gullak

Introduction Of Mishra family:

Jameel Khan as Santosh Mishra( Father)- Employed in Electricity Department

Geetanjali Kulkarni as Shanti Mishra (Mother)- Homemaker

Vaibhav Raj Gupta as Annu (Elder Son)- Preparing for SSC exams.

Harsh Mayar as Aman (Younger Son)- Struggling in studies

Sunita Rajwar as neighbor – Loyal Peeper of Mishra’s house.

Gullak means a piggy bank known for storing money; opposite to that, the tagline indicates that episodic series is all about preserving the sweet and bitter memories of anecdotes a middle-class family faces in daily routine. A Hindi drama is perfectly plotted in the small town of North India Uttar Pradesh.

The whole story and chaos revolve around the great Mishra family and their lattice of relationships enwrapped in gentle humor. In each episode, they deal with the day-to-day issue. starting with their morning from pumping water to lazy Sundays, from sibling’s huge fight to disappointing dinner plans no matters how much rough their days went it’s ended up with the sweetness of ice cream. And that’s called family. Isn’t it?

From the treasure collection of TVF, for me, Gullak is one of the best fully entertaining series. A fair credit goes to the excellent script, realistic approach, and pitch-perfect performances of the brilliant star cast. Gullak season 1 was released in the year 2019, and now after a huge success of season 1 TVF originals, came with a season 2 streaming on SonyLiv from 15th January 2021.

After my sister’s recommendation, I watched it as the best use of time during the lockdown, Yes you can call me a latecomer. She knows me well that I am a person who prefers a realistic drama anytime over anything. A drama to which we can relate the most, Gullak, a mini web series, fulfills my thrust. I could not stop myself from taking the chain of recommendation further.

GULLAK Season 1

Gullak Season 1 Trailor

Season 1 is divided into a total of five episodes, each of 24 min. Every episode has given names like Tehri (Yellow Rice), Hum Do Hamare Do (We two and Our Two), Itwaar (Sunday), Batti Aa Gayi(Power is On), Tyohaar ( Festival). Every episode has presented the different and new side of the Mishra family; they argue over Shanti’s yellow rice. Whereas in some, their break down made us emotional as Annu once again failed to crack SSC exams. Their small comprises over the sacrifices of their big house dreams touched the audience. The audience easily connects with the storyline.

GULLAK Season 2

Gullak Season 2 Trailor

Season 2 has the same plot and cast. It is only the continuation of the day to day issues of a middle-class family. Again The whole series is divided into 5 episodes. Which are named as Bijlee ka Bill (Electricity Bill), Chini Kam Pani Zyada (More sugar, less water), Saparivar (invitation with family), Kal Board ka paper hai ( Board Exams is tomorrow ), Kirana(Ration). in this season too, may the incidents were different but the processing to reach on a mutual settlement and that too with a sweet smile and a wide smile on faces was same.

Without being a spoiler alert, leaving it here. Do check out the Gullak series if a light comedy entertains you, and do not forget to share with me that did Gullak tickle your funny bones?

One more thing, do get some time to watch out the Gullak Title Song at least once. I am so sure it will fill your heart with old sweet memories!!

Title Song OF Gullak

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45 thoughts on “Family Drama ‘Gullak’ Season 1 & Season 2 #BlogaberryDazzle”

  1. Avatar

    Dear Archana I feel jealous How are you able to watch , write and manage home along with everything . I have been wanting to see so many series but all are on pending to do lists only. Since its TVF Gullak does sound interesting. Might add this to my list and checkout soon.

  2. Avatar

    I have been hearing a lot about Gullak, yesterday only my neighbor was talking about it. Thank you for your detailed review, I think I will go for it 🙂

  3. Avatar

    What a delightful trailer. This show reminds me of the era of TV shows that gave us real entertainment while touching the lives of common people. I can’t wait to watch Gullak now. Let me add it to my watch list.

  4. Avatar

    I did see the name Gullak but gave it a miss. After reading your review, I am going to start watching…yaadon ki Gullak is quiet nostalgic actually. I used to have a money Gullak when i was a kid but now i have Gullaks of wonderful memories.

  5. Avatar

    Thanks for the review. Will check. I believe the movies or web series with light humour, simple story line are more relatable and worth watching than those huge dramatic movies. I have watched some web series last year, but missed this.

  6. Avatar

    I just loved gullak season 1. And the dialogue ‘aalo daal ke peele chawal bane hain’ reminds me of Tehri that my mom used to make. Good series I am definitely going to watch season 2.

  7. Avatar

    I haven’t heard of this series but going by the 2nd trailer and your review seems like a lighthearted family drama. Will try to stream it…thank you for the recommendation.

  8. Avatar

    Watched the first part on YouTube. Loved it. Second part has come on Sonyliv. Havent had a chance to view the show. In this day and age of webseries full of political intrigue, sex, violence etc, Gullack comes as an ordinary family drama. It is enjoyable because it is our story and we can related to it.

  9. Avatar

    Like you I also like realistic drama series. this one sounds really amazing. and when the recommendation is coming from you, I trust it fully. thanks a lot dear for suggestion. will watch this in next weekend for sure.

  10. Avatar

    Mu husband mentioned about it yesterday only. I also like realistic drama. You feel a connection. The last series I watched was Yeh Meri Family”. Gullak’s storyline and the title of each episode reminds me of that series. I will be watching it soon. Lovey title song…made me nostalgic..

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