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HELLOOOOO…Remember the mesmerizing voice of RJ SULU??? who lived her passion for working by wearing the RJ Cape!!!! No??? then join me to know her better.

Tumhari Sulu(2017) movie holds the reality of every woman across the society, who is willing to work, wants to pursue their passion continues it via profession but most of the time she failed on her attempts, sometimes due to their household responsibilities and sometimes due to lack of support system in the family they choose to quit on their wish to work. The movie revolves around Sulochana Dubey aka Sulu’s struggle to find her passion, against her family’s orthodox thoughts. The character of Sulu has well portrayed by versatile actor Vidya Balan.


Cheerful, fun-loving, ambitious Sulochana aka Sulu (Vidya Balan), is a housewife who lives with her husband Ashok(Manav Kaul) and 11-year-old son, Pranav in Mumbai. Sulu keeps herself busy and engaged throughout listening to songs on the radio, her “Let’s-Do-It” attitude keeps enforcing her to try luck in various contests that she comes to know through any media. One day Sulu wins a pressure cooker through a radio contest. totally unaware of her destiny she goes to the radio station to pick her prize, where she got to know about the interview for RJ post. Soon she grabs the job on the ground of her voice tone but on a little uncommon condition, where she was supposed to anchor a night show, which involves a chat with peculiar callers, which sometimes turns out to be indecent with her, by the time her show received huge appreciation by the audience and her manager Maria (Neha Dhupia). However, at her home, Sulu’s twin sisters who leave no opportunity to degrade Sulu and her parents forced her to quit the job but her husband’s support made her stand all odds. Challenges started growing up so rudely in Sulu’s life when Ashok vents out all his frustrations on her due to ongoing office pressure, her son Pranav got punished by the school management, Sulu found herself at fault for every failure and decided to quit her job. Nevertheless, how she managed to bring back all the positivity just by her never-say-never spirit and her husband’s support once again is commendable.


1). Household responsibilities are not something limited to the woman only, especially when woman are also working, we are lucky enough that we are living in an era where the man of the family is equally sharing the responsibilities in the kitchen.

2). Support is something that starts from family, everyone needs that support to stand against any storm or toughness in life, whether it is a husband, wife, son, daughter or anyone, we can not expect it from outside when one is getting mocked by her/his own family members over every shortcoming. In the movie, Sulu has received numerous harsh words from sisters just because academically she was less educated unlike her sisters.

3). Women are not born to made compromises on their dreams on the name of society’s norm they also have only one life to live, if they look for family permission or husband’s permission respect their gestures to do something in career allow them, support them, if possible guide them to fly their wings.

4). Sulu’s achievements and ability to learn has proven that Education and skill do not come hand in hand, attaining skill truly depends on the hard work and diligence of a learner. I have seen many examples of laziness and dull personalities holding degrees with outstanding scores.

That is all for today see you tomorrow with another appealing character. Till then have a happy reading, leave with your comments, and promise to be back tomorrow!!

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32 thoughts on “Here Comes RJ SULU #A2ZofBollywood”

  1. Avatar

    I loved this movie and vidhya balan was so amazing in this. Archana, I am really amazed with your in depth analysis of each movie and movie character. loved the way, you are sharing this consistently, in each post.

  2. Avatar

    I loved the movie and I was constantly being reminded of my mom. No one should give up her dreams today just to fit the social norm. It was also nice to see how patriarchy forced a man to stick to a job he hated and a woman to feel guilty of the job she loved (and was damn good at).

  3. Avatar

    What a movie, had loved it a lot. She is an inspiration and loved her never say die, always try attitude. And agree having a strong support helps climb the ladder of your dreams.

  4. Avatar

    This was a really good movie and apart from bringing out the fact that women are more than kitchen equipments, it also emphasized on how we all can have it all. That we don’t have to restrict ourselves to just one dream or passion!

  5. Avatar

    Aww how I loved this movie and especially Sulu’s character. Thank you for this refreshing and insightful post.

    1. Avatar

      Very well written. I loved the facts u mentioned here… especially the 3rd one. Keep writing, keep inspiring.

  6. Avatar

    I think this is the lesson for all who lives their passion back after the years of marriage. Fully agreed! A woman can change her identity to pursue her dreams eventually or intentionally. Loving your movies selection.

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