The Era When King of ROMANCE Owned Bollywood #A2ZofBollywood

Shahrukh Khan In Different Characters


The era when I started to understand the movie, it was also the starting point for someone somewhere, a boy roaming in the galore of the television was getting himself ready to take a high stride to the silver screen, who is now known as King Of Romance, King Of Bollywood, i and only Shah Rukh Khan aka SRK aka King Khan. Whether you love him or hate him on one thing you have to agree on that Shah Rukh Khan wasn’t one to follow a carved path by any godfather he was the one to carve a path for others to follow. Begin your career with grey/negative characters like Ajay Sharma of Baazigar, Rahul Mehra of Darr or Vijay Agnihotri of Anjaam, in the era of the ’90s, was not an easy risk to take, but “there is no success without risk”, SRK is the best example of sheer hard work and dedication, you can’t deny here that his career graph is an ideal paragon to witness how every tiny step matters in the long run.

When I was planning my post to write on Letter “R”, I was fully prepared to write something on my favorite or rather I should say most of the Indian’s favorite on-screen Romantic Jodi Shahrukh And Kajol, But I got my mind changed why to write about this Romantic Jodi when only King Of Romance himself has more than enough characters in his pockets, which already made a deep imprint in his audience’s mind, I have chosen few of his characters which taught us something about life, love, etc. since covering all in this post is not possible, ya I know the term “few” is like a drop in the ocean, but my post does not allow me to go beyond.


1). RAJ MALHOTRA from DDLJ has taught us if you genuinely love someone first do not give up, and most importantly, learn to respect and care for her family and try all your luck to win their hearts. Sadly the society where we live in most of the initiative is taken by the girls, not boys.

2). RAJ MATHUR from CHALTE CHALTE made us learn that keep the EGO far away to let the love breathe in between two. In any relationship, both should be equally careful to save the dignity of each other before spoiling it publicly. No one is designated to be right or wrong how you react in a particular situation that matters the most.

3). RAJ ARYAN MALHOTRA from MOHABBATEIN told us, true love does not hold any condition, it also never dies, it remains connected to your instincts, to guide you in certain circumstances.

4). RAHUL RAICHAND from KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GHUM taught us parents are always be respected regardless, of the disputes and differences lies in between you. Secondly, how to stand back on your feet all alone with the same pride for a girl for whom, you are probably the only hope left after her parents.

5). MAJOR RAM PRASAD SHARMA from MAIN HOON NA shows the power of commitment and dedication when the nation needs you.

6). AMAN MATHUR from KAL HO NA HO made us realize life is short, live it in the best possible way, make every moment with laughter and love, you never no ki “Kal Ho NA Ho”.

7). VEER PRATAP SINGH from VEER ZAARA shown us Love is beyond boundaries, age and time.

8). SURINDER SURI SAHNI from RAB NE BANA DI JODI a middle-aged husband taught us when you love someone true heartedly, you will step out from your comfort zone just to bring a smile on the face of your loved ones.

9). KABIR KHAN from CHAK DE INDIA strongly stated that if you are not at fault then fight back for your truth but this time with louder actions, than words.

10). RIZWAN KHAN from MY NAME IS KHAN successfully made this clear that do not judge anyone by their religion, they may possess qualities of being human than more to say.

11). DEVDAS MUKHERJEE from DEVDAS made us learn the importance of Patience in one’s life. How a decision was taken in impulse and hurry can ruin not only one’s life but also of other people around.

12). DEV SARAN from KABHI ALVIDA NA KEHNA taught us though love can happen anywhere at any age then also, extramarital affair can not be justified at any cost.

13). RAJ MATHUR from RAJU BAN GAYA GENTLEMAN conveyed the message one should free to dream high but leaving your roots in chasing your dreams will not take you anywhere, you will end up by screwing everything up.

Watch Journey Of A King OF Romance over the years!!!!

That is all for today see you tomorrow with another ravishing character. Till then have a happy reading, leave with your comments, and promise to be back tomorrow!!

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36 thoughts on “The Era When King of ROMANCE Owned Bollywood #A2ZofBollywood”

  1. Avatar

    Can I agree more with you on this. Those were the years I was a little girl too and loved all those onscreen love stories to the core, you brought such fond memories back with this lovely post

  2. Avatar

    Aww..SRK post..I am a big big fan of him..I had watched his all movies and some of his iconic movies, I had watched so many times. he is the king of bollywood and he will one is like him and I think , I can write a blog post instead of comment on this topic..haha..

  3. Avatar

    I have never been a die hard shahrukh fan but all the movies mentioned are great. I also love Dil to pagal hain. Lovely post on the king of romance. We all for sure have grown up watching the romantic movies.

    1. Avatar

      Thank you so much Shweta for reading and dropping by πŸ™‚ sorry dear not being regular on reading your awesome write-ups, will surely catch.

  4. Avatar

    OMG Archana..this post is just too good. I am loving tis series..Your way of looking at these characters is very nice. I am not a die-heart fan of Shahrukh but I will not deny his charm. Those eyes..are just to mesmerizing and deep ki unme kho Jane ko jee kata hai…wait..did I say I am not a fan of Shahrukh opps..sorry..mind changed. I may say it but the truth is, he has made his place through his acting. Recently, I was listening to his TEDTalks and he was so good in that too. BTW, where did you get that youtube video?

    1. Avatar

      haha Completely agree on this Alpana, one of my cousins sent it to me a few days back, I found it the right time to share with you all, Yes SRK could be a motivational speaker too, Thank you so much for dropping by πŸ™‚

  5. Avatar
    Noor Anand Chawla

    Ah who doesn’t love SRK’s movies- I have grown up on them and DDLJ is still my all-time favourite movie!! Loved this post!

  6. Avatar

    Ahh, romance and Shahrukh. Legendary combination. I love all the roles here you have written here. Every story is something to be cherished for lifetime. Lovely post Archu.

  7. Avatar

    Wow, all the lovely and impactful characters from a ruling era of ‘Khan from the epiglottis’. I am in his fan club. I loved this compilation from you and the interesting depiction.

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