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THEME REVEAL A2Z Challenge2020

Namaste Friends,
I can’t believe that A2Z Challenge is, here again, I officially started my journey of blogging with the A2Z challenge 2019, so it’s always going to remain very close to my heart. This time I am trying to be more prepared, as I am well aware of its extensive schedule. It made me think a lot initially, whether to go for this challenge or not? I got many reasons to give up like...


Sitting in the balcony with a hot cup of coffee, watching the falling drop of rain, Nia was lost in some deep thoughts, the reason a message in her inbox took her to the memories galore of past, where she hardly wanted to go.

Save Precious Childhood

While waiting for a signal to turn Green, a small girl named Bindi, aged around 8-9 YO grabbed my attention, asking for money, not for her own but for her siblings.

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